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5925 죄송합니다 황**** 2019-09-22
5508 Anna L. Chung born 1974, committing suicide in Seoul L**** 2019-07-22
5300 There is a kitten trapped in a tree V**** 2019-05-19
5215 You just say nothing to me and somebody say everything to me so I just wanna say nothing to you. H**** 2019-04-25
5212 Please calm dawn and I just feel like die sometime and say something about killing field nice to me. H**** 2019-04-25
4898 Cannot breathe in house because lady burning leaves 로**** 2019-01-12
4753 Suicide attempt U**** 2018-12-05
2939 업무 1**** 2017-10-25
2439 아파트 비상계단 불법 적재물로 인한 화재위험 5**** 2017-05-16
2187 사람이 쓰러졌어요 이**** 2016-12-17
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